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Updated: Dec 30, 2021

What is a resolution? A resolution is simply a promise made to yourself to get something done. Many have resolutions such as exercising, eating better, saving money, etc. These different resolutions require actions but sometimes as individuals, we make these promises to ourselves and lack the discipline to follow through later. One thing you can do to fulfill your goal is to set a reminder. Reminders are a great disciplinary tool to remind us to stay focused. Another helpful tip is writing it down, having your goals visible in front of you can keep you aligned with your bigger picture.

Here are some of our resolutions for dance. Creating a healthy diet, dancing for 1 hour, and incorporating morning and nightly stretching. This year when you make your resolution be dedicated, determined, and disciplined, and if you fall track remember it’s ok to start over again. We would love to hear your resolutions!

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