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xCel History

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xCel HipHop Performance Company was founded on April 2016. Since its inception, xCel has offered elite dance training and professional to adult women. In January 2018,  xCel extended its' professional training to young girls entitled Waiting2xCel.  Devoted managing directors and a proactive chief executive officer, the association has reinforced supportive engagement and group expansion. xCel offers services including, but not limited to, artistic development, mentorship, skill training, etiquette, and character building. Recognizing the importance of addressing the limited access to dance instructional resources, xCel embraces the title "Dance Concierge," becoming the umbrella for durable partnerships and performance opportunities.

Our Mission

xCel HipHop Performance Company is geared towards bestowing a platform for women and young girls to express themselves through dance. Providing the highest quality of discipline, ingenious choreography, and an overall momentous experience.


Our Vision

It is our vision to become one of the world's most progressive hip-hop performance companies.  

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