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xCel History

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Established in April 2016, xCel HipHop Performance Company has been dedicated to providing exceptional dance instruction and professional development to adult women since its inception. In January 2018, xCel expanded its commitment by introducing professional training for young girls through the program named Waiting2xCel. Guided by devoted managing directors and a proactive CEO, the organization has nurtured a culture of supportive engagement and collective growth. xCel's range of services encompasses artistic growth, mentorship, skill refinement, etiquette, and character enhancement. Recognizing the importance of addressing the scarcity of accessible dance education, xCel proudly adopts the moniker "Dance Concierge," serving as a hub for enduring partnerships and avenues for showcasing talent.

Our Mission

At xCel, our mission is to provide a platform for self-expression, creativity, and community engagement through the art of dance. We are driven by the belief that every woman and young girl deserves the opportunity to discover their potential and develop lifelong skills in a supportive environment.

Our Vision

Our aspiration is to evolve into one of the most forward-thinking hip-hop performance companies globally.

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