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Jordin's Journey

Hey xCelarators! My name is Jordin J. Gray and I am one of the newest members of xCel! I am a Senior, Clinical Laboratory Science major studying at Howard University. I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia where my early dance career started. I always had a passion for dancing and have trained in different genres because of that passion. Moving to DC was hard for me since I didn’t know anything about the dance culture here, but I finally did some research and started to see where I would like to keep up my training. I’ve always loved hip hop and the dance history behind it, but I feel like it was on of my weaknesses. I wanted to get stronger in that genre of dance so I started looking for teams and dance studios to practice and strengthen my skills. In January 2019, I found xCel Performance company and decided to audition for them. Going in I was just expecting to dance and to get better at a skill I’ve been yearning to strengthen. After making the performance company I learnt that I would gain so much more. A family, a support system, honesty, etc. I am so glad they invited me into their company and everything I have learned and will learn I will hold it dearly to my heart. This company is so much more that just dancing. They pull you out of your comfort zone to bring out the best PERSON , not just dancer, you can be. Thanks xCel for letting me be part of your family and I can’t wait for what the future unfolds for us.

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