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In the Mind of Jetta

Hey xCelerators,

Im Jetta, and I've been apart of xCel since 2016, but I've been dancing for 10yrs. As I reminisce about my dance journey, it has not always been easy. One thing I struggled with was self confidence because sometimes I felt like I looked "stupid or crazy" but now with the confidence I've gained I now say to myself "Jetta, you can do that part, you're doing such a great job." Another struggle of mine was "DETERMINATION," Ive had many incidents when I told myself dance just isn't for me. To be determined is to be steadfast, and purposeful..which is exactly what I lacked. I felt that Dancing was too difficult because of the training and financial responsibility, but now I believe in myself, I am determined to be the best Jetta I can possibly be and the best dancer God gifted me to be. I still sometimes have to remind myself that "Nothing that is WORTH it, will be EASY" I have to stay focused and put in the hard work because nothing will be handed to me!! I encourage everyone to do the same.

Thanks for reading,



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