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Ace- Captains Sentiment

Hey xCelerators,

My name is Ace and I am the captain of xCel. I joined xCel in 2016. I’ve always been a dancer but before I joined xCel I haven’t consistently danced hip hop in almost 10 years. During that time frame I did liturgical dance (praise dance) at my church. Getting back into hip hop definitely wasn’t an easy transition. I had to get used to the style all over again. I can say that the training at xCel helped me regain my confidence in the hip hop genre. I used to dance really closed in and was afraid of letting go and going hard because I felt I look “stupid” but I’ve come to learn that that’s what makes the moves look and feel better. “If you think your moves are big, make them bigger” is our ritual in xCel because most times we think we are giving our all but honestly we are limiting our moves out of fear of looking crazy. I would encourage anyone that wants to get back into dance no matter what style but afraid for whatever reason to go for it. life is about stepping out of your comfort zone because if you’re comfortable you’re not growing. Thank you to all of our xCelerators who constant show love and support. Until next time...

with love ,


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